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Mis libros (my books)
Gladiadores: el gran espectáculo de Roma

Harald and the Holy Cross (novel)

With Celia Wallhead, coauthor of Harald and the Holy Cross, and my English mom. We had an extremely funny time writing this novel that tells the life of the great Viking king Harald Hardrada (one of my favourite historical figures... he arrived at a new place and took all the cows and women). By the way, what did Vikings listen to in their iPods when they were sacking a city? Answer here!
My name is Alfonso Manas and I’m PhD (with European mention) in History of Sport, member of the research group CTS-545 (area History of Sport) of the University of Granada, and member of the General Editorial Board and Reviews Team of The International Journal of the History of Sport. I have been lecturer of the subject History of Sport at several Spanish universities (public and private).
My main research interest is gladiators (my PhD dissertation dealt about that subject, under the title Munera gladiatoria (gladiatorial games): Origin of Mass Spectator Sport). The elaboration of that PhD research was possible thanks to a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education, that gave me the opportunity to go to Rome, to Università della Sapienza.
Apart from gladiators, I'm also interested in combat sports in antiquity, women’s sports in antiquity and mass spectator sport.
I’ve published several articles about those themes in some of the world's most prestigious journals of history of sport. If you want to read some of my articles, you can find them in the following links:

My work has also been widely echoed in some of the most important media, namely, National Geographic, Fox, NBC, etc.:

Vinari letari ludere ridere, hoc est vivere

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